Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Creating Memories for our Children

Doctor. Who-lloween party for the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary
When I was in middle school my mom and dad hosted a Halloween party for my friends and I.  Never mind the fact that my youngest brother decided to be Superman and try to fly from our tree,  landing himself in the hospital with a head full of stitches, an hour before people arrived.  Forgetting the fact that the woman my mom asked to chaperone, so she could take my brother to the hospital, was totally drunk upon arrival!  What I remember most are the hours spent, prior to my brother's escapade, to create a spiderweb encompassing the entire two-car garage that my friends would later un-weave to win a prize.

Before the days of Pinterest,  the Internet,  or 73-Productions,  my mom was the Queen of Parties and Holidays.   As a mother myself, I have tried to recreate those memories for my own children.  I will admit that the pull to save time and energy has sometimes left me wanting to spend money on pre-made parties at local designations.  Truth be told,  I have given in more than once.  Let's face it,  I send out the invitations,  people show up,  a party is had,  and I don't have to cook,  clean,  or decorate.   But am I just making it easier on myself or am I trying to keep up with the neighbors and their kids' awesome party to "such and such" location?

We all have 3 resources at our disposal; Time, Energy, or Money.  Typically, one of these is more prominent than the others.  Growing up we didn't have much money, so my parents used their time and energy to create memories for myself and my siblings.  This may have been done out of necessity, but I don't know if my memories of my childhood would be as sweet without those efforts. My memories aren't just allocated to the party itself, but made up of a million different aspects leading up to the day.  The cake my mother made, the pinata we made from chicken wire and papier-mache, or the streamers and balloons that filled the living room. I remember my Monster Mash record playing during the Freeze Dance and the ooh's and ahh's as the garage door was opened to reveal the giant spider (made from trash bags) and spider web (made from rolls and rolls of yarn) in the garage (Boy I wish we had pictures of that!).  Those are the memories that I want to leave my children with.  Will they remember anything beyond the event?  Do they have memories of games and music and decor or just that we went "somewhere" and did "something"?
Gage's 3rd birthday

Chastity and I started 73-Productions because the memories that we leave behind us don't stop with us, but continue to the next generation.  I know that my love of parties and celebrations come from the legacy that my mother left me.  My children love parties and costumes and all things nerdy and magical (see Doctor. Who-lloween photos).  I have given them that.  I hope that one day, it will be passed on to my grandchildren.  Life is too short to not celebrate every milestone and success.  Births, graduations, holidays, and special achievements should be rejoiced in and made to be memories.  

Don't let Time, Energy, or Money stand in the way of making life worth celebrating.  Rejoice in the resources you have and maximize them.  And, call 73-Productions if you would like some help.  Chastity and I would love to help you turn your moments into memories that will last for generations.

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