Friday, December 30, 2016

Planning for 2017 Part 1

It is time to look at your 2017 calendar.  That's right, your next event is just around the corner. Whether it is a Queen of Hearts Valentine's party (OH YEAH, we do that!) or your best friend's wedding shower, knowing how much time to give yourself is essential.  So, we have put together a little something to help you with your planning.

Personal Planning

Wedding/Baby Showers, Graduation Parties, and Birthday Parties- We like to know that we have a good 90 days invested into small private parties like these.  If the party will be in your home or a home of someone else, there isn't quite as much planning involved. However, if you will be renting a venue, chairs, linens, etc, you definitely want to give yourself plenty of time to peruse your vendors.  Invitations should be mailed out 3 weeks in advance.  If you want, you can send out a Save the Date notification before you send out the formal invitations.  That gives you time to solidify your venue before committing to the location.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party-So much fun!  These parties are very involved and require a great deal of preparation.  However, there are some great box sets to help you in your planning process.  You an find them online or in most game stores.  If you want your guests to dress up, be sure to give them at least 4 weeks notice.  Give yourself  at least 2 months to be sure that all of your components are accounted for.

Sweet 16, Quinceaera, or Mitzvah -A coming of age party does not have to be the formal affair that we see on MTV.  It can be as easy and laid back as bonfire with s'mores or a red carpet event with your daughter winning the award for sweetest 16.  Whether you want it formal or informal, religious or not, DJ or Spotify, give yourself plenty of time to get all the details organized.  We recommend 4-6 months for a coming of age party. 

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner-Your son is getting married and you know that you will be planning the wedding rehearsal dinner.  While much of the plans rest on the size of the wedding party and your budget, start getting your ducks in a row at least 4-6 months out.  There is a lot to determine; location, type of service offered, menu, time frame, etc.  

Wedding-We all have 3 resources available to us; time, energy, and money.  When planning a wedding, pick two resources to deplete.  If you have all the time in the world then you can expend that and energy, making sure that your budget stays low.  If money is not an issue, then energy can be the thing you save on.  No time?  Then be sure that you have plenty of money and energy.  We really do recommend 12-18 months for your engagement.  Plenty of time means that you can relax a little on money or energy.

Of course, 73-Productions is always here to help.  Visit our website at and let us know how we can help with your next event.